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Preparing Your House For A Spring Cleaning

September 9, 2019

Spring has sprung and as a result it is time to start cleaning out the house.  During the winter months our homes are shut down with closed windows, locked doors and mud, slush, snow and all the salt from trying to keep up with this mess.  Storms are very common and don’t really clean our houses but rather make them worse. This is why house washing brevard county fl every spring is a great idea to keep your home maintained and beautiful.

Pressure washing

Pressure washing your home is the first step in cleaning it.  With pressure washing you are hitting your home with a powerful stream of water.  This water will loosen up any dirt, debris and grime that has collected on your home.

Fresh paint

Every few years it might be a good idea to slap a fresh coat of paint on our homes.  This paint can be used to brighten up the place or can you can change the color entirely.  When we paint our homes it also helps by creating a fresh protective barrier against the elements.

Throw out your junk

house washing brevard county fl

Many homes become cluttered with junk.  This stuff can pile up all over the place and even find its way outside.  Throwing out your junk every few years will help keep your homes clutter free and feeling comfortable and inviting.

Add flowers

Flowers, plants, bushes and trees all help make your yards look wonderful.  These plants add color to a drab landscape.  Pick colors that are bright and cheery.  Look at state plants or something that brings back a memory or two. 

Add a water interest

Adding a small bird bath, fountain or even a sprinkler system will help improve your home and even help with growing grass and flowers.  Adding this water interest will also set you apart from others in the neighborhood.