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What Happened To All The Fish At The Aquarium

This could be a fish out of water story. The above opening could have been a question. But it could also be a statement of fact as an introduction to the narrative of what really happened to the fish down at the aquarium. Custom Aquariums denver relocations should not alarm, sadden or scare you. There could be quite a few reasonable reasons for this, some understandable, others always necessary.

Custom Aquariums denver

The ultimate goal is to preserve, revive and save the marine species, of which there are thousands. Pretty much all marine species are currently under threat, if not endangered, from something as small as microbes that look like nothing more than soft breadcrumbs tossed into the goldfish pond to the world’s largest land and sea creature, the whale. No matter where you are in the world today, you will have seen the trend.

The numbers continue to rise every year. More and more of these magnificent mammals are beaching. Ultimately, they have become diseased and too ill to carry on. They no longer have the strength for deep sea marine life and are sensible enough to end their lives. There is just so much pain. This is due to the extremely high levels of poison in the ocean’s waters. Mercury for one thing. But how about the sonar emissions made by nuclear submarines as well as enormous oil tankers.

You will never hear the sonar ‘sounds’. But they will. And it is earsplittingly deafening. And then there is the grievously tragic problem of one of the remaining bastions of marine eco-systems, the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia. So too a number of other reefs around the world, all crumbling to dust as life expires. 

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