chimney inspection maryland

Making Sure Our Chimneys Are Secure

Having a chimney on our homes makes it possible to have a wood burning fire in our homes during the cold winter months.  With the weather is blowing and miserable we can be sitting inside enjoying a hot cup of coco while keeping our heating and electric bills down.  Over time however our chimneys may need servicing.  Contacting a company to do a chimney inspection maryland will help ensure that there are no issues and that building a fire will be safe.

Birds and animals

chimney inspection maryland

During an inspection they will check for nests, birds and other animals that may make your chimney their home for the summer. Having a nest or other blockage in your chimney will result in carbon monoxide to seep back into the home which can be deadly.  Other issues such as billowing smoke and soot are also possible.


During an inspection have your chimney cleaned will make sure it is ready for use as well.  This can be a messy process depending on how long it has gone between cleanings.  After your chimney has been cleaned it should be good to go for several more years.

Rain Caps

The last thing that we want is to have rain and water to damage our chimney.  Installing a rain cap will help prevent rain from entering the chimney.  This will also help keep animals out as well.

Construction / reconstruction

If your home doesn’t have a chimney getting one installed can be a great way to save on your heating bills in the winter.  If you have one and it is starting to lean, crack and just show signs of wear, having it reconstructed may be a wise investment.

Maintaining our chimney and fire places will ensure that they remain in good working condition when they are needed.  They will also help keep us safe from fire, smoke and other dangerous gasses.

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